Sunday, April 28, 2013

MMA Misconceptions

I have a fight in four hours, so I'm a bit scatterbrained. I will leave you with a letter I wrote to a local paper several months ago.


There is a division in our culture on the topic cage fighting. When viewed from the outside it can be seen as senseless violence, barbarism and the hallmark of a society in decline.
               The legitimacy of this worldview is aided by spectators who scream for blood and broken bones. Surely these are the loudest voices and, because of them, I can forgive the outsider for believing this is where the heart of the sport lies. But for every screaming fool, there are several spectators sitting quietly, absorbed in the mechanics and art of the display.
                To those ignorant of martial arts, it's violence. To those who understand it, and at its best, MMA is a chess match played with body and soul.
               MMA fighters themselves are among the most giving, caring and egoless people I have met. Constantly challenging and remaking oneself tends to bring humility. These humans should be seen as role models for our children.
                Cage fighting is undoubtedly violent, but it's often a positive violence that I don't believe the English language has a word for. I am glad your publication has shed some light onto the sport and I hope it will continue to do so.

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