Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gear Review: Knife - CRKT M16

Quick switch from my regular posts. Every now and then I come across a piece of gear that I like to recommend to everyone I know. One that I am constantly telling people about is Columbia River Knife and Tool's M16 folding knives. There are around 46 different variations. The major differences are in color, blade style (tonto or spear point), serrations, hilt (full or single), size, and integrated functions (glass breaker and seat belt cutter). For the average person I would suggest a spear point tip, serrations and a blade not larger than 3.5 inches, but a lot of that is up to preference. On to what I like about all of them.

I'll keep this short and sweet.

All M16 variants have a dual locking mechanism. Whereas most folders can be closed with one mode of input (pushing the locking mechanism to the side), these CRKT folders require two modes of input (pressing down the safety, then pushing the locking mechanism to the side), making it much safer. This is also what is known as a virtual fixed blade. I've used regular folders before and nearly had a few accidents. I've had zero close calls with my CRKT folders.

The M16s have a simple to use opening assist. A wrist flick, combined with pressing down on the assist opens the knife. I find that my opening time is as fast as a spring loaded knife.

Third. These knives come with a dual edge and are exceptionally easy to sharpen. The serrations need to be sharpened rarely. For the serrations I suggest taking it into a professional, or buying the right tools to sharpen them.

These are the most ergonomic knives I have ever used. I suggest buying one with a longer handle. The 4.8 inch handles fit my hand best. For most people the spear point is a better option than the tonto blade. Tonto blades are harder to sharpen and it's harder to make clean draw cuts with them. Tonto blades do look more intimidating, have a stronger tip, and supposedly are better at piercing body armor, if that's your thing.

        The knife in the picture above is my zombie apocalypse knife.

        One problem that some people complain of is that these knives can be hard to close one handed. The video below will show you the simplest way to remove the knife from your pocket, open it, then close it.

How to close a CRKT M16 folding knife

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