Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Midweek Question

               I've noticed I get a spike in traffic on this blog every Thursday. I'm not sure why, but I figure it means I should drop something down midweek. Here's a chance to expand community through communication, and let others gain some insight from your experiences.
               I have several disciplines. The major ones are martial arts, exercise, flute playing and writing. In all of these things, I seek to improve. They fit well together. When my body is worn out from martial arts and exercise, I can still better myself by playing the flute or writing. Playing the flute helps to calm me when I'm nervous about competing in martial arts. It also helps me access my creativity. I play sometimes when I'm having 'writer's block'. Writing forces me to think deeply about subjects. This often gives me insights into my training methods (exercise and martial arts) that I wouldn't have otherwise had. Exercise releases stress, which aids me in all aspects of my life.

Are there any disciplines in your life that complement each other?

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  1. I have interests and passions that complement each other. I wouldn't call them "disciplines", although I would like them to be. Writing, photography, and playing piano are consistent activities in my life that fit well together, and fulfill creative outlets in different ways and in different mindsets. My interests in physical activities seem to vary more frequently. At different times in my life I have been more involved in dancing, Capoeira, and rock climbing. None of them, however, have become disciplines for me. I think this may in part be due to the fact that much of the draw toward a phycial activity, for me, stems from the community that I find in it. So when I move to another city, for example, and I no longer have access to that community, my interest flags and turns to something else. Whereas my artistic outlets are much more private activities.