Sunday, June 23, 2013

World War Z - Spoilers Inside (but you shouldn't care, that movie sucked)

I can't prove anything, but it seemed to me that World War Z was designed to make vaccinations more appealing. In my peer groups, vaccinations have been falling out of favor. I don't know many people who take yearly flu vaccinations, and I know several people who have not vaccinated their children. Though the movie obviously made some money off of Pepsi product placement, I don't think it's too farfetched to speculate that they might also have received some support from companies who create vaccinations, or the backers of these companies. No proof, but I think it'd be worth looking into, if anyone who reads this is an investigative journalist.

Why do I think this? Many of the details from the source material, World War Z the book, were changed, to the detriment of the movie.

 First, the incubation to full infection period of the virus is roughly 12 seconds to ten minutes. This fast turnover, from normal human to flesh eating, undead zombie, makes for spectacular scenes in the movie, but is far removed from the book. The book had a much longer incubation time, if I remember correctly it was at least as long as a day, maybe more.

The reason many zombie universes allow for a longer incubation period is so that the virus is capable of spreading to all corners of the world, because of our vast transportation infrastructure. Some rich man gets bitten, and tries to flee to another part of the world. The plane lands 18 hours later, he gets a hotel, then turns. With a 12 sec incubation period the virus would move through a city like a wild fire, but the threat would largely be contained to a geographic area, as governments would quickly destroy any planes or ships leaving the area. . With the long incubation time, the threat is spread worldwide before it is understood to be a threat. With a short incubation time, the immediate threat is great, but easily contained.

Second, these zombies are like suicidal, kill happy, lions. They sprint and leap and bite and show far more coordination than the average American citizen, unless they are fighting Brad Pitt. This, coupled with the speedy infection time, makes it completely impossible to fight these zombies using conventional means. Even the solution proposed in the book World War Z, which included firearms, would not be sufficient to quell this form of zombie tide.

Most of the characteristics that make up these zombies are ridiculous, even by zombie standards. It truly looks to me like the makers of this movie set out to make a movie where vaccinations saved the day, then tailored the universe around that. Some of the zombie's abilities, such as the ability to 'sense' if someone has a fatal disease, seems to be lacking in logic.

But hey, it’s a summer zombie movie, who cares?  
I do. Damn it.

The parts of the movie I enjoyed the most were the last two minutes, where they were showing large scale zombie conflict. They left out all the best parts of the book. In fact, I think the only thing they took from the book was the Israeli response to zombies. Any of the storylines from the book would have made a better movie.

In my opinion, this movie was CDC propaganda. I'm making no comment on vaccination's effectiveness or safety. What this movie seems to be doing is trying to sway public opinion toward viewing vaccinations as a positive thing. I think it does a decent job at that. As a zombie movie, its lame.

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  1. I knew from the start of seeing the trailers that this movie wouldn't hold up to the books awesome. I never knew how they were going to adapt the book to the movie but it seems from what you said they didn't use the book at all, just the title and the idea of zombies behind it.

    I really wish that they would of done more with this movie. Oh well...