Thursday, July 25, 2013

Micro-post - Losing Weight

               This post will cover a few of my thoughts on losing adipose fat tissue, not cutting water weight. Over the years, and in high school wrestling in particular, I've had people tell me how to lose weight. This advice usually consisted of someone telling me to eat less and exercise more. Not much help. So, being that I'm on the weight loss portion of my periodized exercise plan, I figured I'd share and idea that I have found works for me.

               Firstly, I eat until I am full. I can't help myself. It doesn't matter if it's kale or ice cream, if I'm eating it, I'm eating it until I am no longer hungry. Because of this I have found that foods with a calorie density over 2 calories per gram will make me gain fat tissue. The way I measure calorie density is by taking the calories in a serving, and dividing it by the grams (serving size). Because nutrition labels have hundreds of different ways that they classify serving size, I always do this division so that I can see how foods actually compare. The reason for this is that I'm going to eat a stomach full of that food. Its calorie density is very important.

               Once I have taken all my foods and figured out their calories per gram, I see which ones are highest, and which ones I think I can replace. Tortillas are the highest (3 calories per gram) thing I eat, but I find it very hard to stop eating them. However, I have found that I can take whole fat yogurt (0.8 calories per gram) and switch it out for all the oranges I want (0.4 - 0.5 calories per gram). This doesn't seem like a big deal, but I eat about 600 calories a day in yogurt, so when I switch that food item out for something that has approximately half the calories, I have a negative calorie balance of about 300 calories.      
               I have found this to be an effective method of easy weight loss. It isn't fast, but this, along with an increase in exercise allows me to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

               Now imagine if someone is constantly eating something like cold cereal (usually 3.7  calories per gram) or pop tarts (4 calories per gram) and they switch that out for a less calorie dense food. That can have a major impact. Small note alcohol is 7 calories per gram. Whenever I start drinking alcohol I notice an increase in my fat tissue.

              Also. Back in 2010 there was a teenager in Santa Fe who dressed up like a ninja and went into jewelry stores with a hatchet to steal there wares. If you Google "Santa Fe Ninja" he's on the top of the queue. I assure you, that is not the true Santa Fe Ninja. My beard is far more powerful. I'm gunning for that punk's spot.

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