Thursday, July 4, 2013

Micro-post - Play as Divine Action

               Short post today. Something to think on.

               I believe play is a way to come closer to perfection, to divinity. It is a path to egoless action. To play, to release attachment to outcomes and engage genuinely in the moment, with joy, is a high calling. I feel as if our culture discourages adults who play, until that play transforms into mastery.

               When I perform cartwheels in a park, or dance in an unabashed manner, I feel as if other adults tend to be threatened by this. I'm no better. I catch myself being incredibly judgmental of adults who engage in play in the outside world. I believe this lack of play has resulted in a large number of adults being disconnected from their bodies, from their true thoughts.

               Today, as you engage in the festivities (if you're American) I suggest you engage in play. Let your inhibitions go unchecked. Enjoy life.

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