Thursday, August 15, 2013

Micro-post: Exercise and Baseline Happiness

               Caught myself sleeping, almost forgot to write something up today. Forgive me. It was a leg day.

               I find one of the greatest benefits of regular exercise and training is that it keeps my baseline of happiness high. What I mean, is that it is almost impossible to fall into a deep despair. When someone I'm close to dies, or when a relationship ends, or when I get my ass kicked I get sad. It's a natural reaction, but I have an exercise schedule and I keep to it.
               When I'm doing squats, or rolling, or trying not to drown, there is no room in my mind for despair. I can't feel sorry for myself and do pushups at the same time.

               Afterward, the chemical cocktail that exercise releases relaxes me. The aching of my body lessens the pain in my soul. I can be sad, but only to a certain point, because whether I'm in a good or bad mood I'm still going to have to get off the couch and get my work in. 

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